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UK based shop selling Indian dipping sauces, made by your favourite Auntie. Online, in shops and at markets near you. Made with Auntie’s exacting standards and love in Warwickshire, England.

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Is there anything more comforting than a well-made, hot, oozy, cheese on toast? Try Auntie’s version of this classic snack.



Prep Time – 5 mins

Cooking Time – 2 mins



2 slices of seeded brown bread, or bread of your choice

Mature cheddar, slices

Sliced Honey-roasted Ham (optional)

Auntie’s Tamarind Sauce



Fire up the grill so that it’s nice and hot.

Place the slices of bread under the grill until one side is nice and is just browning.

Take the bread out of the grill and if you’re going for the Ham option, place the Ham onto the non-grilled side of bread (if not, skip this step) – and then layer on the slices of cheddar on top.

In Auntie’s kitchen there’s no such thing as ‘too cheesy’ so, feel free to layer up that cheddar.

Place it back under the grill until the cheese starts to melt and bubble or until it is just brown around the edges.

Take it out of the grill and drizzle Auntie’s Tamarind Sauce onto the cheese for that satisfying tangy twist.